Little Market Navidad: organic cotton t-shirts and much more

With the Holidays approaching, Christmas markets are a good place to look for original gifts. We recommend you the market organized Raquel Carrero in her worshop of Ruzafa, where you will find our organic cotton t-shirts with message and much more

Next weekend we will participate in the market organized by the illustrator Raquel Carrero (Calle Pintor Gisbert, 10) in her workshop of Ruzafa: Little Market Navidad. From 19 to 20 December you will find in Raquel Carrero a selection of items from independent designers and, of course, our organic cotton t-shirts.

Little Market Navidad: camisetas algodon organico y mas

The market organized by Raquel is part of the ‘Mercadeo Ruzafa’ initiative, launched by several shops and galleries of the neighborhood, among which are: Ana Sanchis, Color Elefante, Coworkshop Ruzafa, El Bajito, El Mostrador, Gris Concepte, La Nube, Nixe and Trentatres Gallery.

At The Vintees T-Shirts Co. we love this kind of initiatives that promote local businesses and support independent designers. The reality is that by buying from local businesses you help directly your neighbors, friends and relatives to build their businesses, helping to strengthen the ties in your community and encourage the growth in your local area. The development of small local businesses is synonymous of economic recovery. Buying from them generates wealth and creates jobs.

Original works from emerging illustrators, special limited edition or handmade products, sustainable fashion made in Spain,… finding that unique gift will not be difficult at the Little Market Navidad in Raquel Carrero Worshop and Gallery.

Little Market Navidad: camisetas algodon organico y mas


The Vintees are t-shirts with message made of 100% Organic Cotton. T-shirts are means of expression for messages and images that vindicate our philosophy of life: leave the mainstream, live now and here, value simplicity and spontaneity, and enjoy the road. Each t-shirt is unique, either for how it has been manufactured or for being screenprinted by hand. All our t-shirts are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified and printed using non-toxic, water-based inks. All our t-shirts are limited editions.